Hi, I'm Ishita Kumar

and I

Currently in Bloomington, IN


Grad student at Indiana University- Bloomington(MS-CS) Fall 2019.

Actively Looking for Front-end web Development internship opportunities for Summer 2020

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I'm a Grad Student currently at Indiana University Bloomington studying master’s in computer science. I believe in learning something new Every day and I’ve always sought out opportunities and challenges that are meaningful to me. I am currently available currently for New Grad opportunities in Full-Stack Web Development starting May 2021.

My previous experience includes designing products for startups, and small sized corporations. I have an ample amount of experience in software development, front-end/back-end web and database/server management using Java Web development, ReactJs, NodeJS and Express. I have experience usign DevOps technologies in multiple projects such as Kubernetes, Jenkins, Docker and Istios!

I'm open minded to new technologies, but Full stack web development and distributed systems are the two things that have grabbed my attention recently. Nothing beats clean, neat and efficient code. I’m particularly keen on making a big impact at a high growth company by producing Fast, Intuitive, Responsive and Dynamic Web Apps.

Do Have a look at my Projects below. If you'd like to get in touch with me for either work opportunities or freelance work, find the Email Me button below or for my Contact Details


  • May 2021

    Indiana University, Bloomington IN

    MS in Computer Science

  • Sep 18 - July 19

    Tikona Infinet Pvt. Ltd, India

    Software Developer,Web Development with Java

  • May 2014 - August 2018

    NMIMS University, Mumbai India

    Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineering

  • July 18 - Sep 18

    Camp K-12, India

    Intern,Front End Web Development

  • May 18 - July 18

    Competitive Exam Guide, India

    Intern,Front End Web Development

  • May 17 - July 17

    Tata Power- Strategic Power and Engineering, India

    Intern,Front End Web Development

My Projects